Ode to the Omer 12.40

September 4th, 2004 · 1 Comment · Tools and Tech


I love tools. I love everything about them. I love how they’re macho like guns, yet constructive instead of destructive. Craftspeople are tomorrow’s army. In the recent movie, Hero, I loved how they united artist and fighter.

Meet the Omer 12.40.

18 gauge brad nailer. Anti-dry fire. Leaps over tall buildings yadda yadda. Twice as expensive as any of the noble Porter Cables and serene Sencos found at Home Depot.

Home Depot: the gateway drug.

Woodworkers out there: you know this. You know there are tools and then there are quality tools. You know that it is painful to purchase quality because you could generally get two for the same price. If you are in need of something that puts two pieces of wood together with glory and honor and with absolutely no recoil and as quiet as a whisper–as quiet as the noise the wind makes as it moves under the small crack under your door and above the carpet–I would like to introduce you to the sublime Italian-made Omer, a tool I never knew existed until recently, a tool your grandchildren will pass to their grandchildren who will include it as one of the few possessions they take with them as they become refugees, fleeing America in search of a land that is free of the nano-technological mayhem.

Tomorrow, perhaps a picture of my shop.

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