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While I’m waiting on my Omer 12.40, which I’m ordering tomorrow (, the above room is taking a break. Actually it’s been taking a break for a while now.

A word on intentions

Intentions are just as good as actually doing something. If you intended to do that thing you haven’t done yet then you’re just fine. Shake that wobbly feeling and know that you’re intentions are right, true and exemplary.

I’ve got two art projects that I would like to suggest to you. The first one is a bad idea and the second one is instructions for a performance specially designed for you and I to do tomorrow.

1) Pick a random person you don’t know. Perhaps out of the phonebook. A regular average kind of person. Research everything you can about them. Create a timeline of their entire life. Collect articles this person has cast off. Create an art exhibit about their life that showcases all collected artifacts. Include a life-size replica of their bedroom, every detail in exact detail. Invite them to their show and have everyone applaud when they enter.

2) Make a list of things you’ve been putting off. Actually do one item on this list. Reward yourself in a small way.

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  • sushi_fiend

    I did number two today. I was supposed to get an important letter from the post office, but kept neglecting to due to their hours conflicting heavily with my work schedule, and work being roughly 12 miles away from the post office.
    Today before work I went to the back of the PO, before they opened to the public, and begged of a delivery man to get me my very important letter. He didn’t have to, technically; bless his unionized self that he did.

  • sushi_fiend

    Oh, and to reward myself, I cleaned my apartment, another thing I’ve put off for a while. Tomorrow I’ll reward that act by doing the pile of laundry in my hamper and washing the car that has about a centimeter of grime and grit all over it. Its a red car, really; to see it now you’d think it was red dirt color, like in New Mexico. What will reward me for finally doing all those intended things? Well, I’m going to Central America on Friday for two day. I think that’s a good reward.

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