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September 11th, 2004 · 2 Comments · Writing

filmmaker Wim Wenders

A note to anyone who would like to be an artist:
The only qualifier for being an artist is wanting to be an artist. You are an artist.

How to be a good artist

1) Make work you enjoy making
2) Make work others enjoy seeing
3) Make work every day
4) Remain humble, it’s the only way to get better

The future of art will have more to do with generously connecting allegories that pursue what it means to be alive, and have less emphasis on artists.

Originality is overrated.

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  • schlarb

    interesting… originality overrated… i don’t know what i think about this. perhaps this is partly what drives me insane. attempting to study everything and then do what i’ve yet to hear or read about… variations perhaps… everything else i totally agree with though…

  • murray

    Hey Schlarb,
    Great comment and question–I’ll write the next post on why originality is overrated, thanks!

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