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November 23rd, 2004 · 2 Comments · Writing

It’s always fun to check the stats and see which Google search terms bring people to our virtual doorstep.

Many people come here looking for artists or artwork: William Wegman cannonball is a popular one, as are rodney graham geffen, roy lichtenstein, gericault, execution in Rome, and pipoletti rist (which — horror!— I misspelled. It’s actually “Pipilotti Rist”: do that search, and you’ll turn up much more information).

People show up here searching for the true nature of the Megaloponera foetens. They look for someone who is anti-MFA. They ask for our wisdom finding www.omerdirect and Murray’s favorite brad nailer, the omer 12.40 (we’re number one!).

They search out our opinions on Kierkegaard authenticity, which turns up an interesting connection between Master K and our some of our favorite animators, The Brothers Quay.

But the top three most interesting Google search terms that have landed people at our blog have to be (drum roll please):

dual funnel cloud malibu october 2004, (were you aware of this? We sure weren’t, despite our high ranking)

prince machiavelli el paso texas lounge: this is a real place, but not a place I’d want to go for a drink.

And the number one most interesting Google search?

why being an adult is overrated, which had us as the second listing when I checked it a while back. Apparently, we’ve fallen down in the ranking quite a bit since, which is okay with me. I actually think that being an adult is just great. Got that, Google?

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  • Michael

    Those are great, and, yeah, it’s fun seeing how visitors find your blog. For my site, my favorite one so far is “Santa is Hitler.” As of today, I am still the top Google result for that search. Now, I did use both “Santa” and “Hitler” in the same post, but I suspect the person who entered that phrase was actually looking for something else.

  • Megan

    Santa is Hitler?! That’s great : )
    And now, anyone looking to implicate the big jolly guy will be pointed here instead.

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