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I tried to prank call my friend D the other day but I couldn’t do it. I had a whole routine worked out, I knew what to say, but in the end I panicked when he answered. I admitted that I was going to prank call and he agreed that it wouldn’t have worked. The problem is that I’m horrible with voices. I’ve got a friend named G that will put you in stitches. He can do just about anything. I, on the other hand, am severely limited. Megan says I do the same voice no matter the character. It’s true. I really envy anyone with talent in this area.

My sense of humor works better in the rebound. This is where I explain to D (the same D that I was going to prank) when he answers the phone that I was going to prank him but I didn’t think I could do it. He then asks for an example and I do it and he then laughs because I’m so bad. This is the rebound I’m talking about ā€“ā€“ not a direct punch-line, but an interesting lack of one.


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  • Micah

    Where do you get all those collages you put up in your posts? They’re pretty cool.

  • Murray

    Thanks Micah.
    I google image search phrases from my post, select a handful of images, and do a very quick (usually 3-5 minute) photoshop mix. The pink text says “this is the background” and the white text says “I laughed until I cried.”

  • Megan

    Murray’s rebound humor cracks me up. It’s a sophisticated, dry, self-deprecating wit — my favorite kind. Now, sometimes he does get into telling what he calls “meta-jokes,” which are really just very long and drawn-out stories with no obvious ending. The joke being that he’s simply monopolizing your time.
    Also, his stories tend to be untrue, more like out-right lies than anecdotes. I can spot these a mile away, and our close friends have now gotten into the habit of scrutinizing me when he begins to talk, asking “is this really true?”
    Unfortunately, he sneaks in just enough TRUE crazy stories to make it sometimes difficult to discern. He’s really quite a funny guy; just don’t get him started on the pink tennis ball joke.

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