Research is No Fun

December 2nd, 2004 · 2 Comments · Education

I’m at the library scanning away at a book that I’m using for a paper I’m writing, and I really, really just want to go buy the book and forget about all the slow scanning technology. I’ve got the book on reserve for another 2 hours, and I’m just not going to get the info I need in that time. Why is it that the most efficient solution to any problem involves throwing a big chunk of money at it?

After I’m done with my research, I’m supposed to head back over to MOCA (while it’s free and open until 8pm), slogging through rush-hour traffic to see the exhibition again, the one that I was supposed to see on Tuesday. While I usually like going to museums, I’ve been writing all day and yesterday too, and I’ve been in class all afternoon and now I’m up at the library. All I want is some good soup and a hot tea and to sit on my sofa with Stella the kitty in my lap and Murray rubbing my feet and to watch an episode of Alias on DVD. Boy, I sound like a whiny baby.

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  • Allie

    Yeah, the things you normally enjoy are a whole lot less fun when they are complusory….hmmm maybe that’s why I always hate school the last few weeks of the semester.
    Though for me, research itelf is a way to procrastinate. Sigh.
    Miss you guys!

  • Megan

    The last few weeks are torture. For me, it’s hard knowing I’m short-changing my efforts in the interest of time. I wish I could work at a leisurely pace, pursuing the minute threads, exploring all the details. But no: too many deadlines means I’ve got to pick up the pace. Such is the life! Miss you too…

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