The Grasp Hand and Walking Method Video

December 5th, 2004 · 3 Comments · 2005 The Grasp Hand and...


The Grasp Hand and Walking Method video is now on the web.

You’ll need the free and easy Shockwave Player to see it. If you need it go here.

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  • Nat and Kellie

    Tried watching the video. “Unexpected internal failure while compositing bitmap…member…PLAYER-2…something or other. (I didn’t write it down.) Any clues? We have an updated version of shockwave.
    your technologically non-gifted cousins

  • Tibbie

    I had a problem watching the video on our “nonMac” computer when I followed the link “here” – when I clicked on “video” the video appeared! I loved it! It is especially meaningful to me knowing it was inspired by your conversation with Gramps! Is there anyway to enlarge the video?

  • Megan

    Hmm, I’ll have to refer the technical problem to Murray. Sometimes you do have to wait a bit for it to load. Are you able to get into the site at all? Can you see other videos, or is it just that one?
    The video is small on the website, but we’ve got it on DVD and can show it on any size monitor. The text is a direct quote from Gramps, referring to his attempt to direct injured soldiers towards relative safety during the beach landing on Iwo Jima. Glad you enjoyed it!

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