The Myth of Fast Metabolism

January 7th, 2005 · 22 Comments · Writing


I have a swift metabolism. This makes it easier for me to consume large amounts of trash. Unfortunately, fast metabolisms have a dark side: I gain weight just as fast as I lose it. Case in point: this Christmas, where I gained 5 pounds in two weeks. I had also stopped exercising. I didn’t have my exercise outfit with me. Yes, I have an all-red exercise outfit. I was shopping at Target, saw it, and chuckled myself to the checkout counter. It’s fast.

Oh my and the food. It was really good food.

I’m paying for it now. After working hard getting it back off I gained another pound. Fast metabolisms not only are vindictive but have a memory. They want those pounds. They remember the fat.

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  • debora

    thats ridiculous, i have a super fast metabolism and do not gain weight. a fast metabolism means you dont gain weight because your body burns off the food really fast. if you are gaining weight fast that means your body isnt burning off the food fast enough, therefore, not a fast metabolism

  • Andre

    Debora, i completely agree with you sister.
    Don’t ask that other dude to add 1 + 1, he’ll probably say the answer is 3.

  • Murray

    3 indeed, sorry.

  • Charlotte

    I have a fast metabolism and it is soooooo annoying!! My friends all say “you’re so lucky, I love your figure”, but the problem is if I don’t eat for half a day I lose a pound straight away. My weight is a nightmare to keep up and I sometimes get asked if I’m anorexic, as I am so skinny, and yet I eat loads.

  • joel r

    man, those guys with fast metabolisms really give me the creeps. i have a friend with a thyroid problem and his face is recessed and gaunt.
    “long live the chunky ones!”

  • Bethany L

    I am going to the doctor today because I want to make sure there is nothing wrong with me. A normal person can go eating one meal a day. If I tried to do that I would be sick to my tummy crying in pain. If i go just a little to long with out eatting my body turns on my self and I swear starts to eat me. I dont care that I am skinny, I have been this way my whole life. I just want to be able to manage my hunger and hay, I dont think being a size 3 would be oh so bad! It so hard to find size 0/1 pants that fit right!

  • arit

    i have anything but a fast metabolism! slow, slow, slow, slow slow; that’s me! i have to do a lot of exercise to lose just a couple pounds, while my friend with a fast metabolism is always complaining about how she can’t gain weight!

  • Jackie Weston

    i always had weight loss problem and in my case it is not good cause i am now a mum and sad to say im only 30 kg and i cannot hold my child like the ordinary mums do, i eat a lot and constantly, in a day i can eat 6-7 meals a day, i just hope that there would be a solution to my problem people think its lucky to have this body type, but they only know the positive benefits but the negative ones is as bad as the person having problems losing weight. I am considered beautiful but as they say beauty is a curse, because of my weight loss it is hard as well to be accepted by friends.

  • Paula

    First of all,a fast metabolism is: your body burns off the calories from the food you eat.This is from whatever you may be doing.Anything you do expends energy,thus burning calories.Some people just burn off calories faster then some people,this because their bodies require more calories,then they can consume.So they stay thin.Like some of you I can eat all day gain some and a couple days later it’s gone.For me to gain weight I would have to eat three times more then a normal person to gain weight.To gain weight you have to increase your calorie intake,but you know as well as I that’s hard to do,because you can’t constantly be eating.And no I do not have anything wrong with my thyroid,already had that checked.And I agree with Debora,you are exactly right.

  • Ashley

    It’s great to have a thin figure on the outside but on the inside it’s bad. I’m hungry all the time it seems no matter what I eat My stomach won’t feel full. I get tired and short of breath easily, and I get moody or crabby easily and I get dizzy and lightheaded alot I hate it I don’t understand why I’m like that. I have a feeling these things have something to do with the other. But I can’t put my finger on exactly whats wrong whether I’m not eating enough, I have low iron, It’s just very fustrating.

  • Sarah

    i have a super fast metabolism and have tried every thing to put on weight i eat breakfast lunch dinner snack alot and have a full meal minutes before i go to bed, still i wake up starving. I eat all day long much more than my friends who are overweight and i still loose weight. its so frustrating, every one thinks i have anorexia and if i go to the toilet at work after eating my work mates all whisper about how ive just thrown my lunch up. its also frustrating because people don’t realise that being thin and being accused of having anorexia when you dont hurts just as much as if some one was to say to an overweight person that they were fat. what makes if worse is i have adhd and cant function very well at work or uni if i dont take my medication, but if i do take it it supresses my appetite, so i can either waste away and get distinctions on medication or be steadily underweight like normal off my medication and fail all my classes. arggg. sorry just ranting because im sick of being skinnyyyy. ALSO i love sports but am to scared to play incase i burn to many calories and drop 4 dress sizes in the process argggggggggg *sigh*

  • Claire

    I have a fast metabolism. people say i’m so lucky, well hell most of them have figures. i have to wear padded bras to appear to have anything at all. im so lucky that i have to eat every two hours or so in order not to be starving hungry. i cant loose or gain weight no matter what i do. i stay at roughly fifty two/three kilograms always… which wouldnt be so bad if i wasnt six foot tall. i could be a model they say, personnally i think that models need to eat something dripping in oil or atleast get a figure for Christs sake. the only thing over eating does to me is add on zits and pimples all over my face. im not complaining, well not much any way, so any way but it would be nice not to be accused of being anorexic (as if i could stave myself, i love chocolate too much). my ribs and spine stick out, i have no chest, im too tall, square hips, all boney, no boyfriend… and people call me lucky. Haha what i would give for ten kilos, than i would be perfect.

  • unknown

    Im not sure if i have a fast metabolism i no its faster than normal cause i loose and gain wait super fast but im a size 4 ??
    but im constatly hungry and am always eating and people keep saying ill get fat but i never gain anything i cant burn off
    do i have a fast metabolism????

  • Jon

    Darn you Captain Matabo.You steer your ship of irony and wit into a sea of poor pathetic preachers drowning in their own myopic woe-is-me. You’re not so bad. Why just yesterday I gave you two and you took away 3. I then took one for good measure. Now we are on the level, as our free mason bretheren might say. Have you met a free mason? What vocation would they be today? I think they would be Free Lawn Cutters, roaming the country proudly displaying their journeymen status with 3-way lawn striping. But I digest, thanks to you. Why do you come and go as you please you promiscous little twit? Why do you discriminate? Why must you dress us in all red exercise outfits? Why must I lazily and rhetorically fall back into parallel structure. This is no soup opera. Why must I google you if you consume my life unless I just want to show you off. Oh it’s a showdown between Captain Metabo and Calamity Vanity, I’d steak my life on it. I’m sure of it. Just as sure as i am of the equally misguided new color scheme of Target.

  • AH

    Thank God I found this site. Now I dont feel so alone. People ask me if I’m bulimic and anorexic and I had to go through a family intervention! I can eat and eat but gain nothing. If I work out or skip a meal I drop weight overnight. I just starting drinking cashew shakes every night and putting coconut oil on things and it’s helping.

  • candace

    uhmm yea i have a really fast metabolism, &nd i cant gain weight…I tried once. It didnt work…and im constantly eating.

  • nate

    yeah i can eat 3X what my friends eat and still get skinnier. i eat eat eat and i think my arms are getting skinnier. sure i have awesome muscle definition, and not an ounce of fat on me, but it makes me self conscious because it makes me look fragile

  • Mel

    I’m 16 and have a pretty fast metabolism, if i eat two eggs on buttered toast, my tummy is vigoursulsy rumbling wihtin 2 hours. I Snack pretty much all day, and am known for always eating! Ive always been skinny and the same goes for my dad, so i reckon i inherited it..
    I feel tired easisly and Would like some more meat on my body!
    although i have a theroy that all the food i eat goes to my boobs! haha, im a size D, at 16!
    Bit out of proportion there!

  • Lux

    My metabolism is pretty slow. I agree that people with slow metabolism have to work twice as hard just to look GOOD. I have to work out so much and I hate it. Some days I feel I have to starve to look decent but the thing is I absolutely LOVE FOOD!!! and it’s really hard because I’m not able to enjoy those kinds of food without giving myself 2nd thoughts. If Im eating pizza or a cheese burger, I have to always make sure not to over eat. I love food but I have a slow metabolism and I have to work out twice as much as I eat.

  • Raven

    all the people with the fast metabolisms, i am on the same level with you guys. i have the same problem. i eat and eat, but i gain like a little weight. and then you have the boys that say “oh, you’re anorexic” or “you’re bulimic” and stupid ignorant things like that. I probably eat more than them! But it sucks so much. When i don’t eat, i feel dizzy and lightheaded. It’s ridiculous. I’m only 15 so maybe puberty will come into play soon.

  • stikthin

    i come from a family of curvy and overweight people but i have a super fast metabolism. am 16 and have been called anorexic and a skeleton for years. havent gained at all in past four years and my ribs stick out. i think its rilly wierd coz i eat like 10 times a day and dont do much exercise. the most annoying thing is that coz everyones trying to be skinny they think you are lucky and get pissed off if you try to explain.

  • Mate

    “although i have a theroy that all the food i eat goes to my boobs! haha, im a size D”
    Hahaha hey Mel, let’s hook up!