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January 10th, 2005 · 4 Comments · Writing


We picked her up this morning. She’s the sister of this puppy; their mother was a black lab and their daddy was a german shepherd, both friendly and social family dogs. The puppies were being placed through a local rescue society.

Our little girl was the most outgoing, smartest puppy in the bunch, so she was the obvious pick. She’s very shepherd-y, and smart as they come. Only 4-months old and she was retrieving the tennis ball and dropping it right in our hands. We’ve been playing all morning, and she’s pooked out in her crate right now. No name yet, but we’re thinking about June (as in Carter Cash), Esther, Luca, Penny, Lupi, and we’re open for suggestions.

In fact, Murray’s got a post on Woodforums asking for suggestions for good shop-dog names. The woodworking guys have suggested Bessey, Shop-dog, Jet, Dusty, Kerf and Unidog. Any other ideas?



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  • DaveShack

    Vaccuum, Kyuma, (tos)Tada, Barka, Electra, Router, Bumpa, Chandelier, Hera, Caddy, Miter, Myta, Bough, Naamah (traditionally the name of Noah’s wife), Venus, Kardia, Naomi

  • Ms. Jen

    Ha! Festool! Ha! Fessie for short…
    No, I vote for June. It is a lovely name and she looks like a June.
    smiles, jen ;o)

  • Esther Wilberforce-Packard

    I’d go with “Esther” unless she slobbers a lot. If she slobbers a lot, call her “Sweet Baby Jemima Pantaloons.”

  • Megan

    Dave — thanks for the great suggestions. My favorite is Myta (the female version of Miter, ha!). Since she’s going to be such a big, and potentially threatening-looking, dog, I wanted to name her something that would convey her super-sweet nature.
    Ms. Jen — we could have gone with Festool Vacuum. That would have been great! Alas, my love of lilies overtook the decision-making process. Of course, she is also named for her spiritual namesake, June Carter Cash. Lily June is indeed a Mama Bear, as Johnny would have said.
    Esther — Lily isn’t a slobberer, in fact, that’s one of the reasons we decided not to get her sister the lab. Labs are big-time slobberers. Dog slobber is so yucky. But pantaloons are really cool. Six on one, half-a-dozen on the other.

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