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Bugeye Sprite

I used to be a fast driver, but a number of years ago I saw the light in the shape of a ’73 VW bus and slowed down. After two months of driving it I realized I had no master cylinder (mechanic talk for power brakes). It took a long time to slow that thing down, but you realize it took a while to get up to a speed worth worrying about.

The transition happened when I noticed that I would catch up with most of the cars that passed me at the next light.

It’s just a bother to keep an eye out for cops. I remember looking out for smokies as a child for my dad, a former race car driver who had placed an engine into his custom Bugeye Sprite that was larger than anyone thought was possible. When I was born my mom made him give up racing. He sold the Sprite but never slowed down. Family vacation road-trips meant a stack of specialized radar and laser detectors on the dash and rabbits.

A rabbit was the chase car my dad would follow. He would troll along the highway waiting for a speeder and then follow behind respectfully. The idea was that the cop would get the rabbit. This happened over and over. Many rabbits were slain for our family.

This is an elegy for the unknown rabbit.

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  • Gary Speckman

    What a surprise while looking at this website to see a picture of me in my #55 Bugeye race car at Watkins Glen, NY. 1997 I believe. Interesting.. where’d you find that photo?

  • Murray

    I did a google image search for “bugeye sprite” and liked your car the best. My dad’s car, which he named “old blue” looked very similar. His was number 10.
    I completely understand if you would like me to remove this image from our site, just let me know. My intention is to honor the Bugeye Sprite and all Sprite drivers.

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