Where Do You Get Your Art News?

March 21st, 2005 · 2 Comments · Tools and Tech

GoogleNews just released a new feature, customized news, which allows you to set up categories of news that particularly interest you, based on search words. I have set up my GoogleNews to always show me news articles that include the words “art museum,” “art gallery,” “university art,” “performance installation art,” “moca,” “lacma,” and “moma.”

Funny how this method of searching for news shows you things you might otherwise miss. For example, have you heard about the missing Goya etchings? Heard the life story of “the only billionaire whose fortune derives predominately from art”? Have you seen pictures of Roanoke’s new art museum, designed by Randall Stout? And did you know that there was a 70% increase in enrollment of art majors at Campbell University because they finally hired a full-time graphic design professor?

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  • Brittyn Hanner

    Way off the subject but…
    I had Murray as a teacher on friday at miad and I was wondering how to get in contact. Thanks,

  • Murray

    I just emailed you–if that dosn’t find you, my address is located:
    Go to Meganandmurraymcmillan.com (our projects site).
    Select “More”
    Select “About”
    (If I put it here then the spam robots get it!)

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