Nobody Walks in L.A.

May 3rd, 2005 · 2 Comments · Artists, Los Angeles

Except artist Lisa Salem, who is planning on walking the entire city of Los Angeles starting May 15.

“On Sunday 15th May, at noon, I’m setting out of my house in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and not returning until I’ve walked the whole of L.A. I’m going to trek the city of Los Angeles like an explorer charting uncharted territory. And I’m going to be stopping people on the streets and inviting them to walk with me too – and videoing what happens when they do from a video camera attached to a baby stroller I’ll be pushing around with me. The footage from that, along with photos and writing, will be regularly updated into a video blog while I’m on the road and later compiled into a film of what LA revealed itself to me as when I stepped out of the bubble of my car, my tv and my preconceptions.

Basically, I’m looking for poetry where it’s often easiest to miss it.”
-Lisa Salem, from an email [via City of Sound]

You can track her journey, or support the cause, on her website:

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  • David

    Wow, that’s pretty ambitious. I walk every day, but usually only make it as far as Starbucks.

  • Meg

    Murray and I walk every day too, but just in a loop around our neighborhood because we’re too cheap to spring for a gym. Looking at her route, she’s planning on going into some sketchy areas. Hope that baby carriage comes with a cell phone and a weapon.

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