On Mars, in 3D

May 16th, 2005 · 4 Comments · Los Angeles


We went to the Jet Propulsion Laboratories Open House (the NASA affiliate that designed and operates the Mars Rovers) with friends D & H this weekend. Megan and I enjoyed the robot and 3D imaging departments, one feature was the ability to have yourself photographed with their 3D camera on Mars.

NASA/JPL is the best contemporary art group.

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  • David

    Wow, the JPL open house sounds great! We’re in the middle of moving so we missed it. Will definitely have to go next year.

  • Murray

    The fine print is long lines. I probably won’t go again, but it’s really worth it the first time to see the robots alone. Free admission is nice too (if you don’t count income tax).

  • David

    Ha, that’s pretty funny about the tax. I guess admission is not so much free as prepaid 🙂 I don’t like long lines either, so I wonder if they allow artist field trips on non-open-house days.

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