September 8th, National Data Backup Day

September 8th, 2005 · 1 Comment · Tools and Tech


I realized over the weekend that my computer had been hacked into. I had two new user accounts and a hijacked master password. Like all unfortunate events, this is supposed to happen to other people.

How safe are our digital files? Privacy is nice, but not as important to me as always having them.

Megan and I usually back up with cds & dvds, which is slow and increasingly impractical for video. We knew spending $140 on a backup hard-drive was the way, but it just wasn’t a sexy enough option. However, after spending the money we saw things differently: having reliable back up is intoxicating. We’re now talking about getting a second one to back up the first one–and to keep somewhere else.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes decisions can be put off and put off until what’s needed isn’t simply a one-step solution but a tidal wave?

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