Rolly-Polly Short Film

September 14th, 2005 · 4 Comments · Artists

[via: Jumpy Screen]

I just stumbled on this short film of a rolly-polly by Nathan Shackelford. Great stuff. But I always thought they were called doodlebugs.

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  • David

    We always called them potato bugs, but I think we had it wrong.

  • feets

    We called them both Rolly Pollies and Pill Bugs…
    Funny my kids and I were just interacting with a couple of them the other day. My 2.5 son thought it was the coolest thing to see them roll into a ball. Minutes later he discovered his first frog in the wild… It was cool because the frog wasn’t afraid of him and Eli must have spent 30 minutes just watching him hop around the base of a tree. We even got to see the frog zap a few big black ants with his toung. Yikes!!

  • DaveShack

    Growing up, we called them pillbugs or sowbugs. One day when I was five my mom told me she’d pay me a penny for each one I could collect in our backyard. I found around 35, most under our chicken-coop.
    I brought them into the house and she put them all in our Osterizer and pushed the ‘puree’ button. she strained the remains through cheesecloth and put it in a squirtbottle with some water. Then she went out and squirted it on all the bases of the heads of lettuce in the garden.
    Supposedly we didn’t have a problem with “rollypollies” after that. I know that if someone sprayed a gallon of ice cream with the remains of my friends, I’d leave it alone too.

  • Sara

    I’m your sister and I grew up calling them doodlebugs AND roly poly’s.

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