Grasp Hand and Walking Method: Construction 5

September 15th, 2005 · 6 Comments · 2005 The Grasp Hand and...


The man in the boat, and the people lifting the man in the boat completed. We film tonight.

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  • Murray

    Actually we’re putting a piece behind the man in the boat so you don’t see through the boat.

  • Davina (Allies's friend)

    That is fantastic!!! Absolutely beautiful.

  • David

    M&M, are you going to be showing this project in L.A. ?

  • Meg

    Thanks Davina, we’re excited about this project.
    David, we’re sending The Grasp Hand and Walking Method to the Bolivian Biennial at the National Museum of Art in La Paz, which opens Oct. 13.
    We’ll be sitting the studio at the Brewery ArtWalk this year, and will have several of our video works, photos, wall-hung models — including the boat from this project — and probably a site-specific work on view. Come by! It’s Nov. 12-13 this year.

  • David

    Cool, I’ll try to stop by. I lived at the Brewery years ago, so it’ll be fun to visit my old hood. Or of course, I could always catch the show in Bolivia 🙂

  • Sara

    and congratulations on the brewery digs. That’s amazing.

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