Preparing for Laredo

January 3rd, 2007 · 1 Comment · 2006 Bruc Fugue


We’ve getting ready to head out for our show that opens at Sound Art Space on Saturday. In addition to the video (the collages will be shown at another gallery, the Laredo Center for the Arts), we’re building an installation out of trash that we’ll cover in a clear plastic shell, contouring with an industrial heat gun. The funny thing is working with the plastics company representatives, who tend to be amused by our requests. Most of their clients are concerned with the technical characteristics of the material, but we’re more interested in color (which in the industrial plastics world is almost arbitrary).

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  • Nick Normal

    Ahh! Interesting!
    I scribbled down a thought today about a work involving objects – not likely trash but rather junk store objects or detritus, okay, trash! – that would be somehow joined together, but covered in various types of tape: blue tape, clear tape, packing tape, electrical, etc.
    No doubt for different reasons, but similar thought patterns. Looking forward to seeing the work!

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