Popp Vs. Jeep

January 19th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Artists, Tools and Tech

Julius Popp, Bit.Fall, 2006 [source]

Jeep Waterfall [source]

A post today on BoingBoing linked to a YouTube video of “…a 25-foot-high sheet of falling water that can display arbitrary bitmaps in falling water” at a Jeep dealership. Bears a suspicious similarity to the Julius Popp piece, Bit.Fall, don’t you think? It would be interesting to know which came first.

Our take on Bit.Fall here. A short documentary on the making of Bit.Fall on YouTube here.

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  • andrew

    Suspicious is exactly what I would call it. Professor Pevnick invented his “rainfall” artwork in the 70’s. He has shown his work on four continents in cities such as Paris, London, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Basel, Geneve, Beijing, Bangkok, Johannesburg and many others. In 1995 his artwork was on display where many people saw his “rainfall” artwork and designs.
    Professor Pevnick teaches Art at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and is a native of St. Louis. Here is his bio:
    You are absolutely correct when you use the words suspicious… thank you for bringing that up. “rainfall” and “bitfall” Hmmmmmm

  • Megan McMillan

    Thanks for the info, Andew. I’ve written an update with links to the patent and to Prof. Pevnick’s work here.

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