Looking for Studio Space in Providence

August 22nd, 2007 · 2 Comments · Providence


We’ve been lucky enough in the last few years to stumble upon some pretty great studio spaces in both Los Angeles and St Louis. Los Angeles has the infrastructure of a well-established art community, which can anticipate artists’ studio needs and provide for those needs accordingly: but you generally have to pay big bucks for a space. St Louis has great unused industrial spaces that are rough, raw and cheap, but you have to put up with wearing snowsuits in the winter while working (no heat) and you have to be willing to improvise when it comes to those important studio elements such as walls.

Providence seems to be unusual blend of both ends of the spectrum: plenty of huge, affordable industrial spaces, in addition to a thriving artist community well-schooled in resourceful adaptive real estate solutions. We were at first hoping for some sort of live/work situation — there are plenty around — but have instead opted to live and work separately. We’ve signed a lease on a place to live and are now turning our attention to finding a cheap, big, work-only studio space. Any leads?

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