Tools for Video, Photo and Installation Art

October 15th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Tools and Tech


Here’s a list of the most common tools we use in the order we use them:

Apple Safari
Microsoft Word
Pen or pencil
Adobe Photoshop
Paint roller and brush (someday to be replaced by a HVLP sprayer)
Image Camera (low end)
Station wagon or pickup truck
Apple Final Cut Pro
Drill (battery powered)
Tape measure
Extension cords
Brad nail gun and air compressor
Apple Aperture (Much better than iPhoto)
Video Camera (Panasonic, Sony or Canon)
Drill bit index (I prefer brad point)
Eye and ear protection (always)
Table saw (the older the better)
Laser printer (we like the workhorse Brother HL-5240)
Miter saw (we like Delta and Makita)
Xacto blade (most dangerous tool in the shop)
Quicktime Pro (perfect for quick import/exports)
Paper shredder (peace of mind)
Apple Compressor (the trick to quality DVDs)
Image Camera (high end)
Apple DVD Studio Pro (MUCH easier than it looks)
DVD burner
Dozuki saw (I swear by these)
Wrench set
Hot glue gun (some day we’ll get an industrial one)
Random orbit sander (Festool and the Festool vacuum)
Jig saw (Bosch or Festool)
Industrial staple gun (save money: go to Harbor Freight)
Tripods (we like Bogen)
Adobe Flash (unintuitive to learn, but easy afterwards)
Tie Wire (some call bailing wire)
Industrial heat gun
Circular saw (We like Festool and Porter Cable)
Industrial vacuum (buy the best you can afford)
Inkjet printer for DVD labels (not cost effective, but better than a sticker)
Level (don’t get the cherry version: buy one you don’t mind beating up)
Drill press
Adobe Dreamweaver (old versions are fine)
Wire strippers
Hammer (almost never use it since switching to air nailers)
Chisels (not an everyday tool, but handy when necessary)
Sawzall saw (good to buy used)
Hammer drill (waste of money: consider renting, not buying)

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  • jason j

    thee commentary is precious
    megan and murray, you folks r-o-c-k!
    this list is so suh-weet
    Lotta Good Advice!
    1. Buy a cheap chisel “you don’t mind beating up” unless you’re willin’ to call y’rself a wood carver. But when you’re lookin’ to acquire a level, you want to make sure it isn’t a flimsy piece of aluminum that’s gonna get stretched out of straight, and you want a bubble that fits between the lines. There’s some trash out there.
    2. sheesh…i’ve left Word for Textedit. Y’know it’ll open .doc files?
    3. Lung protection! And a big trash can!
    BTW Bob the Plasterer swears by the German vaccuum cleaners–they suck the finest grit out of the air.

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