Styrofoam Panel Discussion and Opening Reception at the RISD Museum on March 19

March 18th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Providence

Heide Fasnacht, Exploding Plane, 2000, Graphite Acrylic over Neoprene, Dimensions Variable (approx 20′ sq), [source]

Styrofoam presents art made of the commonplace material known for its light weight quality and wide application. Opening to the public on Friday, March 14 (opening reception on March 19, see below) in the lower Farago Gallery, Styrofoam highlights both the earlier and current uses of this material by artists in a wide range of styles and approaches. Styrofoam (extruded or expanded polystyrene) is a material whose intended uses range from building insulation and construction models to product packaging and coffee cups. In recent years, artists have used styrofoam in a variety of new and ingenious ways. They carve into it, mold it, and assemble it into entirely new forms and images that often contrast with its original functions, at times implying environmental concerns about use and reuse. Artists represented are Folkert de Jong, Heide Fasnacht, Tony Feher, Tom Friedman, Steve Keister, Sol LeWitt, Bruce Pearson, Shirley Tse, Richard Tuttle, and B. Wurtz.

Opening Reception: Styrofoam
Wednesday, March 19
5:30 pm: View the exhibition
6:45 pm: Artist panel discussion with Heide Fasnacht, Steve Keister, Bruce Pearson, Richard Tuttle, and B. Wurtz. RISD Auditorium, Canal Way. Free and open to the public. More info here.

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