Summer of the Midnight Sun: Residencies in Finland, Travel in Germany

April 8th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Finland, Germany

Åland Archipelago, Finland [source]

Turku, Finland [source]

We’ve been invited to spend the summer working in Finland at two artist residencies: first on the island of Kökar at the Åland Archipelago Guest Artist Residence and then in the city of Turku at the Arte Sumu Artists’ Residency, where we’ll be putting together an exhibition that will open at the Galleria Titanikin.

Helsinki, Finland [source]

Before we get to Finland, we’re meeting up with Murray’s sister, who has lived in Germany for the past ten years, in Berlin. We’ll travel through northern Germany to her home in Bremen and then Hamburg before leaving for Helsinki, where we’ll spend a few days before going to the islands.

Berlin, Germany [source]

We’re hoping to work in trips to see the northern lights, Tallinn and the Hermitage in St Petersburg. Any other suggestions or must-sees as we plan our trip to Northern Europe, the Baltics and Scandinavia?

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  • Rebecca

    Congrats you two.. sounds wonderful!

  • marina

    Oh, I want to go too. But you must go to Peterhof and to Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo)! Here’s the link:
    Both of them are around St. Petersburg. Peterhof has the season opening sometime in June, and it is beautiful (they dress up in clothes from Peter the Great times, have fun games and it is the day when they open all the fountains). These two locations are the palaces where the czars and czarinas lived. It has marvelous parks, fountains and overall beauty. I am not sure how many days you plan to spend in St. Petersburg, but you need many to see everything. Just walking through St. Petersburg, you will run into something important – bridges, monuments, houses of various writers, palaces, and just the benches where various famous people set. Ah, I can talk about it all day long! Just wanted to remind you that you need a visa to go to Russia. Good luck with your trip and good luck with all the sight-seeing.

  • Kate Durbin

    I have no suggestions, but just want to say how fabulous and congrats! You two are going to have an incredible trip.

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