Deleting Old Art

May 10th, 2008 · No Comments · Tools and Tech


We’re currently doing some Spring cleaning, part of getting ready for our upcoming project in Finland. This week we’re Ebaying old equipment: tools bought for projects years ago and never re-used.

We’re also streamlining our project digital archives, focusing on projects completed before 2005 that have too many images taking up premium hard-drive space. Some projects have hundreds of images created to get the one or two images that would end up summarizing the project.

I don’t want to throw anything away but I fear an untamed mountain of data more. It’s also true that the more time goes by, the more we understand a project and can delete files reliably. Current projects have 1000s of images, but projects 8 years old seem to get edited down to less than 20 images [and in some cases less than 5].

It’s like I remember things in my head. I have more memories of recent events and fewer memories of what it was like a while ago. It seems right to have fewer memories of older things.

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