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Ever have one of those months? We’re still recovering from August. Since we were traveling for 6 weeks, we passed all of our problems, headaches and hurdles—and they’ve been catching up with us now that we’ve stopped moving.

We’ve moved into a new live work studio—and are loving it—but are contending with a leaky ceiling and getting organized. Every time I need something I have to look for awhile. On top of that we bought a $400 cargo van with some fellow artists that is needing a lot of attention to pass emissions.

But the real drama is our animals. The dog didn’t want to leave the bedroom for weeks and the adventurous cat found a way inside our walls (is that meow coming from the wall?), got hung up on something and is now in a Elizabethan collar.

That said, we’re considering a photo shoot this weekend at Cape Cod. Perhaps we should keep running and see if life just gets bored and quits.

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