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September 27th, 2009 · 3 Comments · 2010 What We Loved and Forgot


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Thanks to an excellent cast and crew, we are well on our way with this project. We've now spent some time considering the choreography, lighting and set and are thinking about making some changes and shooting it again with the changes in place. We'll continue to document our process here–including discussing what we're now working to improve:

1) We're considering a new choreography style that has radically less instruction for performers. We want to get the balance right between our interests and our performers (or collaborators) interests.

2) What we're calling "the Living Room Stage" needs to be rebuilt (and with more elements) at an angle to the entire production.

3) The white ramp has to be lowered. Our performer Bill is a champ but we were a little bit too enthusiastic with the incline angle. Further, the white space needs to become pure white, without blemishes.

4) We're considering building a catwalk in the background for Bill to continue his path on (up high in the air–sorry again, Bill).

5) Another Lilly (or lily element) is needed in the background and parts of the foreground lilies need a tad more work.

6) The lighting needs adjustment.

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