Tiptoeing Through the Lilies

November 4th, 2009 · 2 Comments · 2010 What We Loved and Forgot


We’ve been working on this project since the summer, and since we live in our studio, we’ve gotten quite used to the presence of these flowers. Murray and I have internalized new paths to the front door, zigzagging around all the large yellow obstacles without a second thought. The dog and cat duck through the petals, no trace of their initial wariness. These flowers are just a part of normal life these days.

So it threw things off a bit when we put the lilies on wheels a few days ago and started moving them around. It used to take three people and lots of verbal coordination to move a single lily. Now, one person can do it with ease (and an eye fixed on the sprinkler system nozzles).

The wheels have enabled us to fuss with composition and camera¬†angles on a whole new level. It’s been enormously helpful to set up a shot, look through the lens, make an adjustment, take a few shots, load the images up on the computer, make more adjustments. For the next project, though, we’re building a scale model.

Re-shoot is scheduled for Nov 15.

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