Head Project: Math Mistake!

January 19th, 2011 · No Comments · 2011 Remains of Something...


Chris Capozzi on lift, and Alex Haynes assemble the head.

Every project has its fair share of mistakes. Avoiding them is impossible, the mistakes are merely what our road looks like. We realized a big one yesterday: the math I used to create the head had a critical miscalculation that ended up stretching it 15% wider than it should be. Our head looked like a cartoon.


It was close enough to work for someone who doesn’t notice that their TV is on the wrong aspect ratio, but striking to anyone who considers proportions. Oh my.

Fixing it meant taking down a lot of work and sliding all vertical lines closer: a discouraging amount of work that risked putting us in a pinch to be done in time for the scheduled video shoot in 10 days. Not fixing it meant a conceptual problem: a cartoon head didn’t match with the poetry we are aiming for. Being 15% off is in that fumbly middle-ground that tends to look like a mistake no matter how you swing it.

So, we decided to take the hit and fix it. It will set us back, but we’ve got a strong production crew: Alex Haynes is a fabrication ninja and Chris Capozzi taught Yoda how to smoke.


Category: 2011 Remains of Something...

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