In What Distant Sky: Installation

In What Distant Sky: Installation
Qbox Gallery, Athens, Greece


In What Distant Sky is a short choreographed video shot in an industrial coal bin. The video begins with a single performer standing at the bottom of the bin. As she steps onto one of the many large, fabricated boulders in the basin, it begins to rise. The camera follows as the performer passes by increasingly constructed spaces, including a Japanese tea house built on the edge of the structure. When the boulder and performer reach the top of the building two things are revealed: a group of performers are adjusting the ropes and pulleys that lifted the boulder, and an open vista of the surrounding mountains.

The industrial setting provides important context to this work. The abandoned factory is a testament to a radically changed global economic and social structure, with its high unemployment and shifting industries. Using a coal bin as an embodiment of this changed reality, the rising of the elements and the camera will reflect the hope that comes from creativity, connectivity and community.



© 2014 Megan and Murray McMillan