The Stepping Up and Going Under Method

The Stepping Up and Going Under Method: Video
0:54 min., SD video



The Stepping Up and Going Under Method is a single-channel video, a site-specific video installation and a series of photographs.

A woman and a man travel along an old factory assembly line. The track moves through a warehouse space littered with things stored in cardboard boxes. They approach a green ramp and the woman steps off the boat and walks up the ramp while the man lays down flat to continue underneath it. The soundtrack is a NASA recording of a rocket booster disengaging in space, reentering the Earth’s atmosphere and crashing into the ocean.



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Wendy Ballard
Josh Monroe


Michelle Abeln
Tayna Apostolova
Dena Bergman
Oscar Fernandez
Sarah Hermes Griesbach
Maryam Gharabiklou Zareh
Agnieszka Gradzik
Carrie McNeal
Camillo Spiegelfeld
Cosima Thomas
Florian Thomas
Tristan Thomas
Timothy Wagner
Josh Watson

Audio (NASA audio from booster rocket falling from space into the atmosphere and landing in the ocean)

© 2006 Megan and Murray McMillan