What We Loved And Forgot: Video

What We Loved and Forgot: Video
2:06 min., HD video



What We Loved and Forgot is a single channel video, site-specific video installation, and a series of photographs.


A meditation on memory and loss, the video begins with a man seated on an easy chair in a room surrounded by discarded newspapers. The man rises from the chair, ascends into a white space and then makes his way through a field where workers are assembling giant yellow day lilies until he ultimately steps into a new room above a kitchen where a woman is making a real-life  meal that will feed the cast and crew. The soundtrack was written and performed by Megan and Murray McMillan.



What We Loved and Forgot: Photograph | 2010 | 93.5” x 40”

What We Loved and Forgot: Photograph
93.5” x 40”



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Daniel Floyd
Bill Gusky
Kathryn Konrad
Colin McNamee
Tim O’Donnell
Alee Peoples
Holly Popielarz
Allison Silva


Anna Bak
Daphne Kouri
Pavlos Nikolakopoulos
Peter Owen
Blake W. Sherwood
Phil Soucy


© 2010 Megan and Murray McMillan