While She Waits For The Light: Video

While She Waits for the Light: Video
1:31 min., HD video



While She Waits for the Light is a single-channel video, a site-specific video installation, and a series of photographs.

Based on the painting The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius (1486 ) by Carlo Crivelli, a man walks in a red grid that contains household lamps. He picks up a lamp and passes it through a window to a woman who is dressed in white and is in a white corridor. The woman stacks the light on a shelf, and plugs it in. The shelf then begins to move backwards through the corridor to reveal another window. Outside this window is an office where a couple is engaged in a conversation, oblivious to the lamp now waiting on the window’s ledge. The soundtrack is Send the Light (1890), sung by Helen Dunkin, Murray McMillan’s grandmother, and her Baptist church in Dallas, Texas.



While She Waits for the Light: Photograph 1
84” x 40”



While She Waits for the Light: Photograph 2
84” x 40”



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Rebecca Leuchak
Bill Monroe
Christie Newman King
Peter Owen


Kelly Capek
Rachel Coleman
Daphne Kouri
Brent Gentile
Justin Lewis
Keri Marion
Pavlos Nikolakopoulos
Brendon Scanlon
Kelly Venechanos
Hayley Woldseth


Marion Baldwin
Fannie Mae Curtis
Helen Dunkin
Grant Gassiott
Edna Morrison
Patsy Newman
Ernest Singletary
Helen Singletary
Ann Strickland
Mary Francis Stroud
Timothy Stroud
Hal Weathersby

© 2009 Megan and Murray McMillan